Hey there! Welcome to XO, Alexis. You might recognize me from my previous blog, A Blissful Haven. XO, Alexis is a life and style blog featuring other fun posts.

About Alexis

I’m Alexis, the blogger behind XO, Alexis. I’m a 20-something year old wife to Brad, expectant mother-to-be, dog mom to two crazy boys (Boone a 7 year old Beagle and Tucker an almost 2 year old yellow Labrador). I’m a born and raised small town girl from Ohio. I survive on coffee, country music, time spent with family, and of course, a cold beer on a warm, sunny day.

Blogging is my hobby and when I’m not blogging, I’m working as an appraisal underwriter.

About XO, Alexis

XO, Alexis was born in May 2018 after I took a 6 months break from my first blog, A Blissful Haven. My husband and I had recently found out we were expecting our first child and I just needed a break to prepare for our new addition. After taking a few months away from blogging, I realized how much I truly missed having a creative outlet and making amazing friends. As much as I loved my first blog, it was started on a whim and it was time to change things up as my life was changing. Thus, XO, Alexis was born.

XO, Alexis is a life and style blog focusing on everyday, affordable fashion, married life, my journey to mama-hood, and tips to help you navigate this thing called. You’ll find the occasional beauty and home decor post thrown in the mix as well. You can expect to find new content 2-3 times a week.

I hope you find XO, Alexis to be a fun place to check out topics that relate to your life. Thank you so much for visiting. Don’t be shy- come say hi on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook!