Thank you so much for Pixi by Petra for sending me their Glow-In-A-Box products. I was seriously so surprised and shocked to find this box on my front porch a couple of weeks ago. Today I’m going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Pixi Glow-In-A-Box review and a makeup look you can recreate at home using the products received. 

Pixi Glow-In-A-Box Review

Glow-y Gossamer Duos:

First thing first, can we talk about these highlighters? *Insert heart eye emoji* I don’t know about you but I love a good highlight and these are the bomb. The Glow-y Gossamer Duos are super silky. Use these duos to create a lit-from-within luminosity. These highlighters are perfectly pigmented with a creamy skin-like texture, that looks natural in any light.

Shades Available:

Subtle Sunrise

Delicate Dew

Liquid Fairy Lights:

Liquid Fairy Lights

Let’s talk about the Liquid Fairy Lights glitter shadows. While I haven’t tried the Stila glitter, I’ve been told that they are definitely comparable and a great dupe that doesn’t cost as much. Now on to my thoughts on these glitter shadows. The Liquid Fairy Lights are long wearing, liquid glimmer eyeshadows. When using the products, you can either use a brush or your fingers to apply and blend wherever you please.

Shades Available:



Rose Gold

Bare Brilliance

Passion Light

Look #1 created using the SunRay Liquid Fairy Lights and the Subtle Sunrise duo.

Look #2 created using the Crystalline Liquid Fairy Lights and the Delicate Dew duo.

Overall Thoughts: Overall these are great products! I love the glow of the highlighters. They can definitely be applied for a subtle glow or built up for an intense glow. The Liquid Fairy Lights are so fun! I’m loving adding a pop of glitter to my looks this summer. I wish they were a little longer lasting but they definitely do the job and last a while in the summer heat. 


Are you a Pixi by Petra fan?

Have you tried the Pixi Glow-In-A-Box?

Which is your favorite product?

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