My Morning Routine with Smile Brilliant

Happy Friday, friends! The end of the week is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t know about you but this week was a killer. Earlier this month, I shared with you our nighttime routine and received many questions on what my morning routine looks like. So today I am bringing you my morning routine and sharing with you tips on making the most of your morning to set your day up for success.

Mornings were never been my favorite. Actually, I used to despise doing anything before 9/10:00 in the morning because I was a night owl. Once Henry arrived, my life completely changed. I quickly learned that if I wanted to get anything accomplished, I needed to wake up early, before he did, or I might as well forget about doing anything. Now, mornings are my favorite part of my day. From that first sip of coffee to enjoying a little peace and quiet before the sun rises is my favorite.

My Morning Routine:

Wake-up call //

Brad and I both wake up super earlier, between 4:45-5:00. It’s nice that we both get up at the same time because it encourages both of us to get up and not keep sleeping. For most of the week, on the days I work, we get up at the same time but Monday and Friday are a little different since I don’t have to get up as early. I still try to make sure I get out of bed by 5:30, again, to get things done before Henry wakes up.

Prep for the day //

Since Brad has to leave the house, he gets the bathroom first. While he’s upstairs getting ready, I start to prep for the day. I go downstairs, pour our coffee, start my computer, take the dogs out, and get Henry’s stuff together before I start work. Since Henry is home with me while I work, setting up his bouncy chair, blanket, pacifier, and prepping his first bottle sets me up for success for when he decides to wake up.

Get ready for the day //

Now that it’s my turn to get ready for the day. I head back upstairs, wash my face, brush my teeth, and throw on some clothes. I find that I’m more awake when my face is washed and I change out of my pajamas, even if it’s throwing on another set of lounge clothes. My routine has changed from brushing my teeth with a regular toothbrush to using an electric toothbrush from Smile Brilliant.

I was so excited to receive the CariPro Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant since I’ve never used an electric toothbrush before. Falling in love with this toothbrush came easy. Not only was the electric toothbrush easy to use but it left my teeth feeling so much cleaner for a longer amount of time. I’ve also noticed that my teeth have started to look whiter since the CariPro Electric Toothbrush offers 5 different settings including a whitening setting. How cool is that?! Additionally, the CariPro Electric Toothbrush comes with additional toothbrush heads and the replacements are affordable.

Want to win your own CariPro Electric Toothbrush? Head here to enter. Good luck!

For the past couple of years, my dentist has recommended that I make the switch from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush. While I’ve been eager to try, I’ve been hesitant because of the price. Now that I’ve tried the CariPro Electric Toothbrush, I don’t know why I let the price prevent me from switching. The price of the CariPro Electric Toothbrush is less than competitors, which is a huge plus. If you are still hesitant in switching, Smile Brilliant offers a 60 day trial period. Seriously, how many others offer that? Once you try, you’ll definitely want to own your own CariPro Electric Toothbrush.

Be sure to use the code xoalexis20 to purchase your own CariPro Electric Toothbrush.

Settle In //

Now that all of my morning tasks are done, it’s time to settle down for my day. On the days that I work, my typical workday is 5-6 hours straight with a break in the afternoon and finishing up the last 2-3 hours of my day in the late afternoon. With long work days with an infant, making the most of my morning is so critical.


Even though my days vary and the timing of my mornings changes, one thing is for sure, my day isn’t started without using my CariPro Electric Toothbrush.

What does your morning routine look like?

Have you ever used an electric toothbrush? What were your thoughts?

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