The Ultimate New-Mom Hospital Packing Guide

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I know we’ve seen multiple posts all over the internet on what to pack in your hospital bag. As a first-time mom, I am absolutely clueless on what to pack. While I feel like I don’t have much experience with this topic, I’ve been asked by multiple people to share what I’m packing for the hospital. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here is my ultimate new-mom hospital packing guide that covers what you need, what your husband needs, what your baby needs, and more! 


The Ultimate New-Mom Hospital Packing Guide | XO, Alexis


Ultimate Hospital Packing List


Mom // 


Before I get started, I understand that I’m probably packing way too much but I’m okay with that. I’m the type of person that wants my stuff. While I’m in the hospital, I don’t want to be thinking, “man I wish I packed such and such”, I just want to have it. Plus, this is my first child so I honestly have no idea what to expect. I’ll keep a list of things that I didn’t use and wish I would’ve brought for an updated list afterwards.


A Good Bag- Finding a good bag is really important because it’s going to hold all of your stuff. When deciding on a bag, I went with a Vera Bradley large duffel bag. The one I have is actually an old bag that I’ve had forever so I knew that it would hold everything that I needed. Not only is this bag the perfect size but it can easily be washed in the washing machine if needed. Plus it has an added bonus of being able to be used for any travel occasion. 




Griped Socks- In order to walk around the hospital, you have to have some kind of non-slip footwear. Socks with a griping on the bottom or even slippers are a great option. I knew I wanted to have griped socks over slippers (I’m packing both) because I’m more of a barefoot/no shoes kind of gal. When I was looking at socks, I found so many great options that had adorable sayings on the bottom of them. I decided to go with the socks that said, “I’m becoming a mommy today”. How sweet are is that?


Robe- Next must-have is a robe. Having a robe is not only a comfort thing but it’ll be great to throw on over a nursing bra to stay covered and warm. 


Dark Clothes- There’s going to be a lot going on down there and having dark clothes will make you feel more comfortable. This way if you leak through them, it will be a lot more discreet than lighter colored clothes. 


Nursing Bras- No matter if you are breastfeeding or not, nursing bras are great to pack. There are a lot of varieties that you can select based on your preference but I decided on the nursing bras that look like sports bras. I know I’m going to want something that’s comfortable.


Slippers & Flip Flops- Just like griped socks, having a pair of slippers is a must. Not only will you want them while you are walking around but they will help keep your feet warm. Typically hospitals are freezing so you’ll want some kind of footwear to keep you warm and comfortable. Flip flops are needed for showering because you just don’t know how clean the bottoms of the showers are. 




Depends, Dermoplast & Tucks- You know, the postpartum essentials. These don’t need a description on why you need them, just make sure you pack them.


Makeup & Hair Care- As much as I love my no-makeup days, I know I’m going to want to fix my hair and makeup just to feel like a human. Plus, there will be lots of pictures being taken and covering up those wonderful dark circles will be high on my priority. My goal is to take a shower and fix my hair before we go to the hospital so hopefully, I’ll just need to do apply some dry shampoo and be good. As far as makeup goes, I’ll be packing my normal routine just in case. 


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Dad //


For us, we live only 15-20 minutes away from the hospital and Brad and I have had conversations on what he is going to do while I’m in the hospital. Since we live so close, we decided it’d be best for him to come home, sleep in our bed, shower at home, and then come back. This way one of us is guaranteed to get some sleep. There’s no point in both of us being completely exhausted. He will be rested when we get home and can take the first shift so I can get some sleep. With all of that being said, Brad’s hospital bag will look a lot different than a dad who is staying at the hospital the entire time. 


Sweatshirt or Jacket- Since dad won’t be the one pushing and doing all the work, he is less likely to work up a sweat, like you. If you decide to have the air conditioning blasting, he might get cold so having him be prepared with a sweatshirt or jacket. Remember dads, it’s all about what mama-to-be wants and if she wants it cold, she gets it cold. 


Comfortable Shoes- Dad is going to be doing a lot of standing and walking. Be sure he packs a comfortable pair of shoes like tennis shoes over flip flops or sandals. 


A Change of Clothes- Lastly, he might want a change of clothes-socks, underwear, pants, shirt, and toiletries, in case labor lasts a while. Dad-to-be might want to shower and change clothes to freshen up. 


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Baby // 


I know I’m probably packing way too much but since we are unsure if we are having a boy or girl, I needed to be prepared. Most of the items I have are gender neutral, but if we have a girl, I’m going to want to dress her up in all things girly.


Hats, Gloves, & Socks- The hospital is going to be chilly so making sure baby isn’t cold should be high on your priority. There are so many adorable matching hats, gloves, and socks that are perfect. We decided to order custom hats from Etsy and personalized with our boy and girl names.


Onesies- Just in case the hospital onesies aren’t the greatest, pack your own onesies that you’ve washed up yourself. I’m packing a combination of newborn and 0-3 months. Most of the onesies that I’m bringing also match our hats, gloves, and swaddles. 


Swaddles- Again, I’m sure the hospital will have plenty of blankets and even swaddles but I want to be prepared. There will be lots of pictures taken so I wanted to have matching and cute blankets. 


Coming Home Outfit- Deciding on what to bring your baby home in is completely your decision. Some people prefer to keep the baby in something comfortable while others decide to dress their little one up. Brad and I decided that we wanted to skip the comfortable outfit and go with a dressier/casual outfit. We really wanted to document the arrival of our first and since our little would be living in the comfy clothes, we wanted to change things up. A special thing we did was have Brad pick out the coming home outfits. This way he really felt involved in welcoming our baby.


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Miscellaneous //


A few things you might want to consider packing are snacks in case the hospital food isn’t good or the cafeteria is closed, camera/video camera if you are planning on using something other than your phone to document the moment, iPad for watching Netflix/Hulu, chargers for phones/iPads, important documents such as pediatrician information, insurance, any paperwork you need for the baby, and finally a baby book if you are going that route. We found the cutest baby book from Lucy Darling that will hold memories from birth through the first day of Kindergarten. 




The Ultimate New-Mom Hospital Packing Guide | XO, Alexis


Baby watch is in full-swing. Two weeks ago I shared the craziness we’ve been experiencing in our 36-week bumpdate. For those of you who are close to baby watch, expecting, or soon-to-be expecting, I really hope this ultimate hospital packing list helped you figure out what you need to bring with you. Once we have our little babe, I’ll be sure to post an update on what I actually needed (because I know I’m packing way too much) and what I wish I would have packed. 


Will you be using this ultimate new-mom hospital packing guide?

What did you bring that I don’t have listed? What did you feel you didn’t need?