38-Week Bumpdate

We made it to Friday! My mom and I are heading to Dayton today to meet with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists again. If you remember, we went here back around 32 weeks so they could get a better picture of how big Baby B is. The goal today is to reevaluate how big our sweet babe is and establish a solid labor and delivery plan. While we are there getting answers, today I’m sharing with you our 38-week bumpdate. Hopefully, this will be our last update because I’m so ready for Baby B to be here.


38-Week Bumpdate | XO, Alexis


38-Week Bumpdate:


How far along?

38 Weeks + 2 Days


Size of the baby?

Spaghetti Squash, Pomeranian, or Ukulele


Weight of baby?

+/- 7 pounds


My total weight gain?

50 pounds


Baby’s Development:

-Baby B has an eye color now

-He/She could have up to an inch of hair (we are predicting a reddish tint)

-At this point, all of Baby B’s organs are functioning on their own.


Stretch Marks:

Yes, lots, unfortunately! My body grew so quickly and I feel like there is no more room for Baby B.


Maternity Clothes:

Still living in them. Lately, I’ve been just throwing on dresses since it’s been so hot and they seem to fit the best. 



We will be finding out whenever Baby B decides to arrive. 


Baby’s Movement:

Not as active as he/she has been. Baby B is running out of space.



I’ve actually been pretty exhausted lately. I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to get as much sleep as I can now before little babe gets here.


Food Cravings:

Still loving sweets like cakes, cookies, and ice cream but I’ll eat anything in site.



-Heartburn & Acid Reflux

-Practice Contractions


-Restless Legs


High of the Week:

I started my leave on Monday! I had 2 weeks of vacation saved up so I’m taking the 2 weeks vacation on top of my 7 weeks of maternity leave. 


Low of the Week:

Contractions started on Sunday and lasted about 6 hours then disappeared. I was really hoping it was the real deal.


38-Week Bumpdate | XO, Alexis


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What plans do you have for this weekend?

Are you a mom? I’d love to hear your birth story or any tips you have for first-time moms!