36-Week Bumpdate

Happy Friday, babes! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful 4th of July. Brad and I had a relaxing 4th of July. We spent the day inside enjoying the air conditioning since Ohio has decided to be 1000 degrees. Brad has seriously been amazing lately with helping around the house and showing off his grill master skills. In other news, this week marked 36 weeks pregnant. I can’t believe I’m sharing with you our 36-week bumpdate. It’s crazy how quick this pregnancy has gone and next week our babe will be considered full term. On Monday I had our 36-week check-up and the doctor informed us that if we are progressing she could possibly strip my membranes next week. If I haven’t gone into labor naturally by 39 weeks, she will induce due to the size of our baby. Which means, it’s officially BABY MONTH! 


36-Week Bumpdate | XO, Alexis


36-Week Bumpdate


We have had an interesting week with this pregnancy. Since this is our first pregnancy, I have no idea what to expect with real labor and I just feel so clueless. Saturday night I started experiencing some sharp stomach pains but I didn’t think anything of the pains. I just assumed I was dehydrated. Sunday Brad and I went with my parents and sister to watch my dad run a 5K and the pain began to worsen. Finally around 10:00 (after 15 hours in pain), we decided it was best to head to the hospital to get checked out. I figured if I was truly that dehydrated, it would be best to get hooked up to an IV and rush the fluids. Come to find out, I was having mild labor contractions that they referred to as “practice contractions”. After 5 hours in the hospital, hooked up to the monitors, we were sent home. 


How far along?

36 Weeks + 2 Days


Size of the baby?

Ripe Papaya, Chihuahua, or a Cabbage Patch Doll


Weight of the baby?

+/- 6 pounds


My total weight gain?

50 pounds…ugh


Baby’s Development:

-Producing that lovely meconium

-All of his/her organs are basically developed


Stretch Marks:

Yes, lots, unfortunately! My body grew so quickly and I feel like there is no more room for Baby B.


Maternity Clothes:

Living in them, although I’m much more comfortable in a pair of maternity under-the-belly athletic capris and sports bras. I’m at the point now where I’ve pretty much outgrown my maternity clothes but I refuse to buy more. 



Still don’t know! I’m getting so eager to find out


Baby’s Movement:

Not as active as he/she has been but when he/she does move it stretches my skin and hurts. Baby B is running out of room.



Random. Some nights I sleep great and other nights I’m up with insomnia and heartburn. I’ve been sleeping on our recliner rather than laying flat.


Food Cravings:

Still loving sweets like cakes, cookies, and ice cream. I’ve also been loving Twizzlers and Combos.



-Heartburn & Acid Reflux

-Practice Contractions



High of the Week:

We learned on Monday that our baby will definitely be here this month!


Low of the Week:

Two hospital visits due to contractions. The midwife has also told me that I’m pretty much on bedrest. I’m not to do any exercise or additional walking until 37 weeks when the baby is full-term.


36-Week Bumpdate | XO, Alexis


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