10 Baby Preparation Tips

Happy Monday! This weekend Brad and I finally had a weekend where we were actually home, so, we took full advantage of our time at home. I swear during the spring and summer it feels like every weekend has so much going on that our house gets neglected.  This week marks 7 weeks or less until Baby Buxton makes his or her arrival and there are so many things we need to get done beforehand. Today’s post is all about preparing for baby! I’ve created 10 baby preparation tips that you should try to accomplish before your little one makes his or her appearance. 


10 Baby Preparation Tips


Date Nights with your Spouse //


I put this tip at the top because it should be a high priority. As soon as your baby arrives, it’s no longer just you and your spouse. Find time with your spouse and go on lots of dates while it’s just the two of you. 


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Pack your bags //


Another no-brainer but you should have all of your hospital bags and diaper bags packed and ready so you aren’t rushing when labor finally comes knocking. Try packing all of the items that you know you won’t be needing until the hospital and for the items that you will use up until labor, make a list of those items and keep on top of your bag so you won’t forget them. Most people recommend packing around 36-37 weeks but if you feel like packing sooner, go for it. We did! 


10 Baby Preparation Tips | XO, Alexis


Stock Up //


Stocking up on baby essentials is obvious, but think about other household essentials that you should stock up on. Some things that come to mind are toilet paper, quick snacks, dog/cat/pet food, just to name a few. Stocking up on these essentials will make those first couple weeks less stressful because you won’t be running out and having to pack up and head to the store.


Register //


When it comes to registering, there are two important registers you need to do. The first being your baby registry. Even if you decide not to have a baby shower, register. Stores offer great benefits for their registries like additional discounts. Who doesn’t love saving money? The second way you should register is at the hospital. Do this early so you aren’t trying to register while you are in labor. 


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10 Baby Preparation Tips | XO, Alexis


Channel your inner Fixer Upper //


Where are my Chip and JoJo lovers? Do you have some home improvements that you’ve been wanting to get done? Prioritize your home renovation projects and use the arrival of your new addition to help motivate you to get them done. You’re not going to want to start ripping down walls, replacing floors, painting, or whatever your renovations may be, once the baby arrives.


Get the nursery ready //


While most newborns won’t be sleeping in their nursery right away, you should try to have it 90% ready for your little babe. Even if you only paint, put a crib up, find dressers and a changing table, you’ll feel relieved to have it ready for your baby. Since we aren’t finding out the gender, my husband and I painted the room a soft gray and selected white furniture (crib, chest of drawers and a long dresser that will be used as a changing table). The nursery has all of the baby’s clothes washed and hung in the closet with a storage cube set up for miscellaneous baby items. Once we have our little, we will finish the decorating/bedding so that those items are gender specific. 


10 Baby Preparation Tips | XO, Alexis


Deep clean your house //


Before your bundle of joy makes his or her appearance, deep clean your house. Of course, put your safety first and don’t be climbing on any ladders. If you need to, use this as a time to splurge on a house cleaner and have him/her come deep clean your house. This way the house cleaner will get every nook and cranny nice and clean. You’ll want to bring a newborn home to a squeaky clean home.


Plan Photoshoots //


This tip is completely optional based on your preference but if you are going to want some photos to document pregnancy or your newborn, now is the time to start planning. Maternity and newborn photos require some research as they can be expensive and the photographers book quickly. Be sure to do your research and book with someone you are comfortable with who is in your price range. Remember, newborn photos should be taken 10-14 days after the baby is born so be sure to book well in advance.


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10 Baby Preparation Tips | XO, Alexis


Find A Pediatrician //


This is extremely important. Just like your maternity and newborn photos, finding a pediatrician requires a lot of research. Look up different offices that have pediatricians, read reviews online (remember to take those with a grain of salt), and ask friends/family their opinions on their pediatricians. Before you decide on a pediatrician, create a list of questions/concerns you may have and meet with a wide variety of doctors in your area. 


Me-Time //


The last tip I have for you and it just might be the most important, is find some time for yourself. Whether it’s getting a manicure/pedicure, prenatal massage, shopping trip, or as simple as a bubble bath or curling up with a good book, make time for yourself. Once your baby arrives, your needs will go on the back burner and time for yourself will be limited. Just be sure to find some time to relax.



10 Baby Preparation Tips | XO, Alexis

No matter how hard you try to prepare for baby, you’ll still find yourself wishing you had done something else before the baby comes, but hopefully these 10 baby preparation tips help you.


How did you prepare for your baby?

What advice do you have for first-time parents?

How was your weekend?