Henry’s Birth Story | The Greatest Day of My Life

Hi Friends! Did you hear the news? Our sweet Baby Buxton was welcomed into the world just a little over two weeks ago. I’m so excited to share our baby’s birth story with you today.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Henry’s Birth Story:


Last Appointment //


It all started the Friday before when my mom and I went to my appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine which I talked about in our 38-Week Bumpdate. At our appointment, the doctor expressed he wanted to monitor the baby twice a week until delivery due to me having above the average amniotic fluid. The doctor didn’t have a concern for the health of the baby but he just wanted to make sure everything stayed good the remainder of the pregnancy. This resulted in me having an appointment the following Tuesday at my doctor’s office for a non-stress test. During that visit, I passed the non-stress test with flying colors. We then discovered that I was 3 centimeters dilated and 70% thinned. My doctor decided to strip my membranes to help get labor started since the plan was to be induced the following day which marked 39-weeks.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Before-Labor //


After the doctor’s appointment, I called my sister asking her to come over and help make sure that our house was in order, everything was packed, and to keep me company since we would be having a baby the next day. I also called Brad to let him know what the game plan was so he could let his work know that he would not be coming in Wednesday through Friday. That afternoon, Natalie and I went walking and I started having mild contractions around 1:00 but they were every 20 minutes so I didn’t think anything of them.


Brad ended up coming home earlier than normal so the 3 of us ordered pizza and watch Guardians of the Galaxy while we waited. At this point, my contractions were increased to about every 6 minutes. I decided to go take a shower and get everything ready because I had a feeling we wouldn’t make it to the induction Wednesday morning. I was right, Baby Buxton didn’t want to wait any longer. Around 8:30 that night, my contractions were around 4.5 minutes apart and we decided it was time to go in and get checked out.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Labor //


When we got to the hospital and checked in at 9:30 pm, my contractions were 2.5 minutes apart and I was 5 centimeters dilated and 90% thinned. I honestly didn’t think that my contractions were that strong. Yes, they were uncomfortable but I think I had myself talked into them being so much worse. During labor, I experienced a lot of back labor which was miserable. The goal of our labor was to go without pain medicine and no epidural. I really wanted to do labor naturally and experience the miracle of birth.


Around 11:00 pm, I had dilated to 7-8 centimeters and remained 90% thinned. I did decide to take a small amount of medication (one small syringe worth), it didn’t take the pain away but helped me relax so I could try and get some rest in between contractions since it was going to be an all-night delivery. Our labor nurse came in 30 minutes later and asked one final time if I wanted pain medicine or an epidural and the answer was still no.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Delivery //


By 3:00 am Wednesday morning, I was finally 10 centimeters and ready to push. At this point, my water hadn’t broken so my doctor decided to break it and get labor started. This was the hard part for sure. After 2 hours of pushing, I received some Pitocin to help get some stronger contractions since I was quickly wearing out.


Brad was seriously the best supporter throughout the long 3 hours of pushing. He stood by my side, encouraged me, and helped hold my leg with the labor nurse. After 3 hours of pushing, Brad watched out child enter this world on Wednesday, July 25 at 6:13 am. Our baby had the cord wrapped lightly around his neck. After the doctor removed the cord, she asked Brad to announce the gender of our child. He proudly told me that we had a SON and our son was placed on my chest.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Post Delivery //


Our son and I spent the next 2 hours bonding through kangaroo care which is the skin to skin contact. This was seriously the most magical moment. Once the two hours had passed, the nurse took him to get all of his statistics. Everyone was in disbelief at his weight because he looked so long and thin. After he was weighed a second time, it was confirmed that Henry Alan was 8 pounds 10.5 ounces and 20 inches long.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Coming Home //


After spending 65 hours in the hospital, we were finally allowed to go home. Hospital policy was that all new moms had to stay a minimum of 48 hours in the hospital after the baby was born. Due to some craziness, like our small hospital having 6 deliveries Friday morning, our release got pushed back from before lunch to 2:45 in the afternoon. Needless to say, the 3 of us were beyond ready to go home. Henry came home in the outfit that Brad picked out for him.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


Meeting Family //


During our stay in the hospital, we kept the visitor list small because Brad and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed. The two of us wanted to soak up all of the Henry time as we transitioned from a family of 2 to a family of 3. Both of our parents, siblings, and grandparents were the only visitors allowed. Unfortunately, the hospital wouldn’t allow visitors under the age of 10 (unless it was a sibling) so our nieces and nephews weren’t able to visit. Henry became the 7th grandchild to Brad’s parents and the first grandchild to my parents. Henry met the rest of his aunts, uncles, and cousins on Saturday, during our town’s annual festival.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis


In Henry’s first week of life, he was lucky enough to meet all of his great-grandparents.


Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis Henry's Birth Story | XO, AlexisHenry's Birth Story | XO, Alexis

Henry became the 4th generation of Buxton men.


Our sweet boy has been here for two weeks and it feels like he’s been here forever. I’m so thankful to have had a smooth delivery and Henry is happy and healthy. I never imagined myself being a boy mom, but I can’t imagine not being this boys mom. I can’t wait for the day when I teach him how to throw/hit a baseball or shoot a 3-pointer. Not to mention how to have manners and how to respect women. After 39-weeks of carrying our son, it’s so hard to believe he’s here. Oh, Henry, you are loved by so many.


Details: Striped Swaddle Set // I’m Going To Be A Mommy Socks // Personalized Hat // Pink Robe


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