4 Nursery Organization Tips

Happy Tuesday, babes! Planning, organizing, and decorating our nursery has seriously been the best part of pregnancy. Decorating and buying home decor is my favorite hobby so obviously, I would love transitioning our guest bedroom into our nursery. I obviously stalked Pinterest for all the #nurserygoals and gained inspiration but still wanted to put my own twist to it. My husband and I decided that we wanted to keep the wall colors neutral and then wait until the baby arrived to finish the decorating and buy gender specific bedding. So the only thing that left me was finding homes for all of the million baby items and figuring out the best way to organize all the products. Here are 4 nursery organization tips that I used to make the most out of our nursery so that all of our baby items had a home.



4 Nursery Organization Tips:


Utilize Drawers //


First thing first, utilize all of the drawers in your dressers. Rather than having a changing table, we decided to use our long dresser as our changing table. This dresser has been passed down in Brad’s family and we thought this was the best way to utilize the dresser. Since we don’t have a changing table, this dresser is strictly used for diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and blankets. The first drawer has all of our diapers and burp cloths because I wanted them to be quick access. After that drawer I have put all of our receiving blankets and light blankets in there since we received so many. The last drawer has all of the thick, plush blankets. 


Now on to our chest of drawers. When we moved into our house, this dresser was actually left in our attic and we knew it’d make the perfect dresser for our future children, which it is. Since this dresser has the most drawers, it’s going to be home to the baby’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. Since the first drawer is the smallest, all of the baby’s shoes, hats, and gloves will be found here. While these items would work in a bin, I knew I wanted to have them laid out so I could easily see what options we had. The next two drawers are for clothes only such as socks, basic current size onesies, leggings/sweatpants, larger onesies, and any other clothes I prefer to fold rather than hang.



Drawer Organizers // 


Speaking of utilizing drawers, the best way to utilize all of your drawer space is by adding organizers to each drawer. I found these on Amazon and I love that they can be adjusted to fit any drawer you are wanting to use. Having drawer organizers will keep your clothes organized, in their own section, and prevent the drawer from getting out of control.


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Closet Dividers // 


When deciding what to do with all of the baby’s clothes, think about hanging rather than folding. To prevent our baby from wearing the same outfit over and over again because it’s on top of the laundry, I decided that I wanted to hang 90% of the clothes including tops, bottoms, one-pieces, sweaters, and jackets. Plus, hanging these items will prevent them from getting wrinkled. To keep your closet organized, I highly recommend closet dividers. When dividing up the clothes, I sorted everything by size-onesies then short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, one-pieces, sweaters, and jackets. The next divider was the same size but for bottoms. I continued this process until all of the clothes were organized by size and season. This will make your life easier. Plus, whenever someone is helping watch your little, they will be able to find clothes easily.


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4 Nursery Organization Tips | XO, Alexis


Bins // 


These will be your lifesaver! Babies get so many items and so many of those items are small and awkward to find homes for. This is why bins are great. To utilize the most in our closet, I decided to get a 9-cube organizer shelf and 4 of these bins. Inside the bins, I’ve placed toys-one for rattles/teethers and one for other toys, bibs, and swaddles. At my shower, I received a handful of other bins that I’ve placed throughout the house. These home items such as travel items (stroller organizer, stroller toys, etc.), extra feeding items that we don’t need quite yet, changing table essentials (diaper rash cream, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc), and any other items that don’t have a specific home go into a separate bin. 





I really hope these 4 nursery organization tips come in handy and make your nursery feel more put together. I’m sure I’ll end up changing a few things once I really start to use things. I love how everything has its own place. 


What nursery organization tips do you have?