Summer Date Ideas

Happy Friday! It’s a scorcher here in Ohio. We’ve been consistently in the upper 80s and low 90s, which is hotter than it should before this time of year. This hot weather has me way too excited for summer. Speaking of summer, today I’m sharing with you lots of fun summer date ideas that you can plan with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, or friends. These dates get you outside, active, and making memories.

Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis Summer Date Ideas | XO, AlexisSummer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis

Summer Date Ideas:


Eat Outdoors // Eating outdoors is a great way to soak up the summer weather. Some fun ways to enjoy your food outdoors is by planning a cookout, packing up and having a picnic in the park, sit outside on the patio, go get ice cream or another summer treat. 


Enjoy Nature // There are so many great ways to enjoy nature during the summer. If you are a water person, go boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, or any other water activity. Hiking and site-seeing are other great ways to enjoy nature. We love to visit new towns and visit local shops and restaurants.

Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis

Play in the Water // What better way to cool off on a hot and humid summer day than by playing in the water. While swimming is the obvious way to play in the water, some other fun ways to play in the water include playing with water balloons and having a water gun fight. If you don’t have a pool available to you, think about getting a small kiddie pool. Kiddie pools are no maintenance, easy to fill and perfect to cool off in. Plus, your dogs will love it as much as you do! 


Document the Moments // Now that you have a handful of summer date ideas, make sure to treasure these moments for years to come. Not only do I have a great way for you to document your summer, but I’ve created a fun challenge that will have you wanting to do and try more this summer. Sign up and join me in the XO, Alexis Summer Bucket List Challenge! Oh, I forgot to mention, each time you use the challenge’s hashtag, you’ll be entered to win a fun prize at the end of summer! Who doesn’t love prizes?! 

Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis


Summer Date Ideas | XO, Alexis


What summer date ideas do you enjoy going on?

Do you have any major summer plans?

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